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  • Travelling is that one thing that quenches your thirst for an adventure and especially, when your vacation location is so exotic and alluring, it will definitely satiate your wanderlust desire. Exotic location in mind?Head straight to Italy. Check out these Italy honeymoon travel guide before leaving up for a holiday. 

    This Italy honeymoon itinerary has the list of the most exquisite beaches which will be perfect for a couple like you. Enjoy the beautiful sites, indulge in most exotic wines, explore culture and history, enjoy the walks on the long white sand beaches, visit green valleys and some amazing hotels on your honeymoon.

    Head out on your cheap italian vacations with your better half and explore the beauty of Italy. Get drenched in the romance in Italy. Discover the wonderlands which will cascade the beauties of the world. Witness the architecture of Rome,  vineyards of Tuscany, beautiful waters of Venice, the history of Vatican city, delicious cuisines and romantic city of Florence. Relax, wander in the free lands, sit by the beach, breathe in the freshness, enjoy the view while sipping on your wine as we make it a memorable one for you!

  • Honeymoon Beaches In Italy

  • 01Camogli Beach, Liguria

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    The village of orange and yellow houses, is exactly how one can describe Camogli. A tiny quaint area which has garnered much popularity because of its coastline is one of the picture-perfect summer vacation homes for many globetrotters. The beaches in Camogli, stretch from east to west with a distance of 150 meters. 

    There is a private beach area of the Hotel Cenobio Dei Dogi and a superbly placed restaurant named ‘La Rotonda’ on top of a rocky spur. There are free areas on the beaches where couples can put up their own umbrellas and mats and enjoy a day picnic. Summer is the best season to visit the beaches in Liguria. Every beach in this region spell its own charm on its travelers with its unique characteristics and landscapes.

    Nearest airport: Genoa Airport. 1 hour from the airport. 

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  • 02Campo all'Aia Beach, Procchio, Elba Island, Tuscany

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    Campo all’Aia Beach, a perfectly shallow beach for those who are not experts at swimming and is an idyllic location for families and couples in Tuscany, Italy.

    What’s so unique: This is the longest beach on the northern side of Elba Island, with whiffing fine sand that stretches along the wide coast.

    History: Explore the wreck of an ancient Roman Ship that lies about three meters below the surface and is supposedly from 190 A.D. Spend some quality time with your perfect one at the boating trips organized by the clubs or at the bars and lounges with big umbrellas by the beach. Except for several bars and restaurants, almost the whole of the beach is free so you can be sure of a good time here.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Casa de Campo is approximately a 50-minute drive from Santo Domingo's International Airport.

    Location: Campo all'Aia is a flat location rising on the right of the Gulf of Procchio.

  • 03Capreria Beach, Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro, Sicily

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    The popular beach Capreria is overlooked by 1700 hectares of protected wild reserve of Riserva Naturale Dello Zingaro, which lies at the end of the western coast of Sicily. This wild area with seven kilometers of spectacular coastline was Sicily’s first nature reserve and is still unexplored and pristine. It’s a natural heaven to watch the beauty of the Sicilian coast between the two towns, Castellammare and Scopello. The natural reserve is the first protected region of the area and is still intact like centuries ago.

    What’s so unique: The rugged terrain and steep slopes that lead to the turquoise sea is a fabulous thing to keep you mesmerized for hours. The number of small caves and coves along with natural history museum around the beach are sure not be missed!

    Activities: Go on a snorkeling sneak out to appreciate the beauty of colorful fishes on the sea bed of clear waters.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The closest airport is Palermo or Punta Raisi Airport with a distance of 29 mi (or 46.6 km) West of the city.

    Attractions: Tonnara di Scopello, the natural history museum, Zingaro Natural Park
    and Acque Calde Beach

    Location: Cala Capreria is a cove beach into Zingaro Nature Reserve near Scopello in Sicily.

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  • 04Fuili Cove, Dorgali, Sardinia

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    Enthral in the beauty of this magnificent beach having a length of about 100 meters and facing east. Undoubtedly, Sardinia has been among the most amazing beach destinations in the world, serving from various huge rocks to blended fine sand that spreads across the coast. 

    Enjoy the calm at this dramatic beauty which offers glorious views of the Tyrrhenian sea. This secluded beach is a crescent shaped setting surrounded by the wooded hills and settled in a lovely cove which is protected by vertical cliffs with thick forestation.

    Activities: Perform snorkeling or diving in its azure blue fantastically visible waters. This sandy beach is decorated with small white pebbles and has no facilities of its own, so it is advisable to carry your beach chair and umbrella and beer for a nice time.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The beach is about 70 miles south of Olbia airport and is well connected by means of bus and taxi.

    Nearby Beaches: Cala Ziu Martine, Cala Luna beach, Sos Darolles  Beach and Cala Osalla di Dorgali

    Location: This beach is situated near Dorgali in the Province of Nuoro, East Sardinia.

  • 05Gavitella Beach, Praiano, Salerno

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    Get the panoramic views of the Gavitella Beach, near the Vettica Maggiore old town center, in Praiano, which is an ancient town settled high up on cliffs that lead to beautiful and visible Mediterranean waters. This beach is truly magical which is literally sun kissed till the sunset. 

    The Italy honeymoon packages take you to witness the beauty of these beaches nestled in tiny coves and often crowded but peaceful. La Praia will entice you with its charms and plants that lean out of its clear beautiful waters. 

    How to reach: You can reach this beach by taking 400 steep steps down from the Praiano main square or by renting a shuttle boat service which are free for restaurant guests.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport is the nearest airport in Salerno from where you can travel by road or can take a boat to praiano.

    Nearby Attractions: Marina di Praia, famous night club L’Africana, main church squares of San Gennaro and San Luca and magical village of Ravello

    Location: La Gavitella is located in the province of Salerno in the Amalfi Coast of Praiano.

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  • 06Goloritze Beach, Baunei, Sardinia

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    Sardinia is one of the famous beach destinations in the world and Cala Goloritze is one such gem of this jeweled crown. This hidden beach in the deep ravine south of Biriola beach is about 200 meters long and only about 9 km from the town of Baunei. It is a stunning setting with clear blue waters and white pebbles on the coastline.

    What’s so unique: Have been declared as the best snorkeling beach in the whole of Sardinia, by UNESCO, this tiny beach is a perfect escape from your stressed life.

    Activities: Bring snorkel or go on a fishing trip to this transparent water beach which will leave no chance to amaze you with its charms.

    How to reach: You will have to take an hour long hiking trip to reach this beach

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Olbia Airport which is about 158 km from the Goloritze Beach.

    Nearby Beaches: Cala Luna, Cala Gabbiani, Cala Biriola Beach, Cala Biriola Beach, Cala Mariolu, Cala Cartoe and Pedra Longa Beach

    Location:This is located near Baunei in the Province of Ogliastra, East Sardinia and can be included in your cheap Italy honeymoon packages.

  • 07Isola Bella, Taormina, Messina, Sicily

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    Renowned as the Pearl of the Ionian sea, this beauty is nestled on the picturesque island near Taormina in Sicily. This place is famous for its exotic plants that bloom in the mild Mediterranean climate and were introduced by the early owners. 

    As this beach sits amid a small bay, it is quite popular for its views of clear waters and the mainland. This smoothly pebbled beach is now a nature reserve and attracts a number of tourists all round the year. The water here is supposedly warm and calmer than other parts, and this beach along with the island is protected by the bay. This beauty offers alluring views of the Ionian sea and is a popular spot on the list of Italy travel packages.

    How to reach: You can take the cable car that runs from Taormina to Mazzaro to reach this island, or you can walk to this beach by various small paths that connect larger beach to the island.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The Catania Airport is just at about 68 km from Taormina.

    Location: Isola Bella is a small island near Taormina in province of Messina, Sicily.

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  • Couple Things To Do In Italy

  • 08Go For Ancient Rome and Colosseum Walking Tour

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    Visit the Rome’s premier tourist attracting site, the Colosseum, with one of the best Italy honeymoon packages. Head to this ancient beauty, leave the crowd behind and explore the insides of Colosseum. In your Italy trip packages, start the day from Oppian Hill, which offers panoramic views of Colosseum. 

    Oppian is one of the Seven famous hills of Rome. You can hire a guide who can tell you tales of sea battles, gladiators and the fights that decided gladiator’s fate or the emperors who controlled things according to their whims as you wander in the free circumference.

    Activities: Walk out of the Colosseum to discover some of the ruins of Ancient Rome. Walk into the famous temple of Julius Caesar to admire the incredible ruins of this place or visit the evocative House of the Vestal Virgins before finally going up to Palatine Hill which will further offer you with incredible views of down below.

    What’s so unique: Palatine Hill is the most popular one among the seven hills of Rome which will enable a look over Nero’s Circus Maximus where chariot races were held in old time.

    Price: The walk can cost about 60$ or 4000 INR for a period of 3 hours.

    location: located at Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

  • 09Hike From Florence To Cinque

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    Cinque Terre got its name from the famous and picturesque five fishing villages of  Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola and Monterosso. This place is best explored on foot, when you crawl through the spectacular trails, meander in the vineyards or along the scenic coastline or stone walls; this trail can be rough but is manageable. 

    These Italy honeymoon packages include boat traveling, rail traveling, coach transportation, Cinque Terre National Park tour and a scrumptious lunch.

    Activities: Take a one-day hiking trip on one of these Italy travel packages, that takes you from Florence to the Cinque Terre for just about $108 for 12 hours. Indulge in this truly amazing experience of hiking to this UNESCO world heritage listed the site of Cinque Terre when you’re tired of your monotonous routine

    Location: this tour starts from Santa Maria Novella station in Florence and takes you to the Cinque terre in one day.

  • 10Explore Vatican Museums

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    Start your expedition of visiting the masterpieces at Vatican Museums. Enthral in the history of Italy at Gallery of Candelabras,  seeing ancient sculptures and opulent candelabras from Imperial villas.

    What’s so unique: Visit the incredibly vast of Gallery of Tapestries or get lost in the never-ending corridors at the other popular, Gallery of Maps which is adorned with intricately detailed Italian maps.

    What to see: Explore the various other sites like the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica on these Italy honeymoon packages from India. Meander in the famous locations while hearing to all the intriguing Vatican secrets and witness the world’s most extensive private collections of art. 

    Absorb the ambience of the pope’s private chapel or go to interconnecting galleries that bring to you the artwork of Raphael, or charm over La Pieta, the sculpture made by a 24 year old artist. Reel in the beauty of history of Vatican on this guided tour for just $45 for three hours.

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  • 11Boat Tour of Venice

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    Take a day to explore the beautiful waters of Venice with your partner on this Italy honeymoon packages. Explore the city with the help of the a guide, who can show you Venice with comfort and ease. 

    Meander in the picturesque waters of the long canals, which are punctuated by delicate bridges as you explore the enchanting city on a boat. Visit the narrow lanes, beautiful shops, colorful buildings, which serves as an idyllic snapshot in your Italy holiday packages.

    What to see/do: Take the boat tour on the great grand canal and discover the history of this medieval city.  Witness everything from the Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square) to the Rialto Bridge including landmarks like St. Mark's Basilica and the adjoining prisons of Doge's Palace, Scuola di San Marco, Campo Santa Maria Formosa and even Marco Polo’s house.

    The stunning palaces and churches that line the famous canal can be witnessed and their history can be learnt on this guided tour along with some famous personalities who resided in Venice. This city is subject to floods but it is still amazing to discover the minor canals of Venice and soak up in the romantic atmosphere.

    Price: A cost of about $80 or Rs. 5000 for 3 hours.

  • 12Go For A Day Trip To lake Como, Milan

    Image Credit :

    This idyllic retreat that resembles a wanderer with no arms, is situated in the shadows of the snow-covered Rhaetian Alps in Milan. Take a day off to visit the beautiful sites through your Italy honeymoon packages. As we know Milan is filled with world’s oldest churches, a fashionable paradise of Italy, the famous Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece: the Last Supper and renowned Opera house.

    What to do: Enjoy the beauty of Milan on your trip to Lake Como, which is an inverted Y shaped lake, placed between steep wooded hills. Dotted with ancient villages and picturesque vistas, this lake is undoubtedly the most stunning and inviting one of this region. 

    This winding shoreline is thus filled with most exquisite villas of famous football players and renowned actors. You can even be a part of the awaited Lake Como festival that takes place in May and June.

    Price: At just about $100 or Rs 6402,  you can enjoy the day trip to this lovely lake Como.

  • Places To Visit In Italy

  • 13Naples

    Image Credit :

    This busy city sits on the bay of Naples, in Southern Italy. Naples is the capital of Campania and is the third largest municipality in Italy. This city buzzes with nightlife venues and restaurants and shops.

    What’s unique: This romantic destination offers a treasure of artworks and an amazing atmosphere for a tourist. We can also say Naples has been the origin of some of the popular Italian dishes like pizza, spaghetti, and parmigiana, which are still taken seriously in Naples and made with readily fresh ingredients. This destination was earlier not considered worth a trip, however, now it is a popular tourist spot.

    It has some of the world’s best opera and theater houses and historic sites which are enough drool worthy for seeking visitors attention.

    Location: Naples is just two hours drive to Rome and serves as an ideal base for exploring the region.

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  • 14Italian Lake District

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    This scenic beauty has been popular among the tourists for over 100 years. The northern ends of most of the lakes reach deep into the Alps, however, southern ends are relatively flat and a continual of River Po plains. The Italian lake district serves a good climate in both summers and winters.

    What to do: This is a part of many Italy honeymoon packages as it gives a perfect tinge of romance with its attractive scenic views. With picturesque scenery, Garda is the largest lake here.  

    Furthermore, Maggiore in the west side is the longest lake of the Italian lakes, which is less popular and stretches as long as 65 km. You can stay in several popular family resorts nearby this lake.

    Location: This land of lakes is where Italy is joined with the Alps. this communal with nature, Italian lake district is a popular tourist destination which stretches across the north of Italy.

  • 15Sicily

    Image Credit :

    Sicily is the largest of the Mediterranean island which includes several small isles. This is an autonomous region of Italy, which is like a toe of Italy’s boot. Sicily continues to seduce tourists with its rich history and dazzling landscapes and sceneries. The 5 km long Straits of Messina separates Sicily from the mainland region.

    Things to see: The well preserved ruins reflect of its rich art and history, sites like the valley of the temples, the 7 Monument ruins and Palermo's baroque churches, all speak well of Sicily’s culture.

    Specialty: One of the prominent landmarks is the Mount Etna, which is Europe’s tallest active volcano settled in Sicily. This island has the typical weather of that of Mediterranean and serves a perfect vacation spot to be included in honeymoon in Italy packages.

  • 16Milan

    Image Credit :

    Located in the Italy's northern Lombardy region, Milan is a metropolis in Italy. Also renowned as the global capital of fashion and design, Milan is budding with designers and designer shops.

    History: This ancient city was nearly destroyed in world war 2, from heavy bombing. After its reconstruction, Milan now stands as one of the wealthiest cities in the whole of Europe.

    Major attractions: This place is widely popular due to its rich art and fashion, some world famous treasures are kept intact in this place which includes the artist Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, the Last Supper apart from the Castello Sforzesco, the famous La Scala opera house and one of the largest Gothic cathedral.

    What’s unique: This is also the financial hub, with the national stock exchange. This is the most populous city in Italy which is also known for its range of quality restaurants. Milan is surely a traveler's paradise with predominant history along with glamorous modern architecture.

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  • 17Venice

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    This picturesque land is also the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region. This unique city sits on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. Venice is known for its gondola rides in its scenic canals and must surely be on your honeymoon packages Italy itinerary. The grand canal of Venice city is the most famous canal which separates the city into two parts.

    What’s unique: An archipelago of 118 islands, connected by stunning canals and hundreds of bridges, forms the city of Venice. The unique thing about this city is, it has no roads at all, just water filled canals.

    Location: This place is located in the northeastern Italy and is one of the most romantic places of the world.

    Major attractions: Some of its landmarks include Saint Mark’s Square and Basilica, Doge’s Palace and Rialto Bridge which makes it worth a visit.

  • 18Tuscany

    Image Credit :

    Unravel the beauty of this famous region of Italy, Tuscany which is a part of central Italy. This is situated on the west coast of Italy on the Tyrrhenian sea. The mystic land conjures images of vineyards, rolling hills, scenic olive groves and cypress trees. Tuscany is one of the most popular regions to visit more so due to its movies and books and attractions.

    Things to see/do: Explore the glorious activities of Tuscany, enjoy the wine tasting in Chianti and witness Renaissance art and architecture of Florence, which is the capital of Tuscany.

    Major attractions: Relax in the hilly cities such as San Gimignano or go on an expedition to marvel at the widely acknowledged leaning tower of Pisa, Tuscany has it all. Elba, which is another one of Tuscany’s famous tourist location which provides idyllic beaches and water life.

  • 19Rome

    Image Credit :

    Rome, the most famous of Italy’s destination, is also the government seat and capital city of Italy. What makes Rome what it is today is its magnificent ruins of history that still serves as the most idyllic settings for travellers from all over the world. Enthral in the most popular Roman architecture while you book one of your Italy honeymoon packages. There is so much to visit in Rome which could take more than some months to cover in this timeless city.

    Location: Rome is located in the central region of the country, Lazio where it also serves as a capital as per the special comune.

    What’s unique: This city has a predominance of history and is incredibly modern at the same time. Rome is a vast and complicated destination with cobbled lanes and amazing history.

    Major attractions: Rome is also renowned as an outdoor museum which is full of art and structures like the world famous Colosseum and St Peter's Basilica which entice tourists from all over the world.

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  • Incredible Restaurants In Italy

  • 20Club del Doge Restaurant (Venice)

    Image Credit :

    Italy is surely a popular destination for food lovers. Experience a lovely dining experience in Club del Doge Restaurant. This place values the Venetian culinary traditions and offers amazing meals for any family type. 

    Club del Doge Restaurant is located at the feet of known the Gritti Palace Hotel which is situated on the Grand Canal Venice. Experience the flavorful cuisine sitting beside the great grand canal of Venice. 

    As you swirl your wine, you hear the swishing of the waters below. Enjoy your local cuisine with all seasonal flavors marvelling at the perfect view of the city. Its warm interiors boasts of the venetian heritage and provides an ultimate atmosphere for a meet in Venice. It is highly recommended to make reservations before you visit this restaurant through your Italy honeymoon packages all inclusive.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) to Club del Doge Restaurant is about 14.2 km and can be reached in about 25 minutes.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions Basilica of St. Mark's (Piazza San Marco), Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Chiesa di Santa Maria del Giglio, Musica A Palazzo

    Price: The estimated cost for two is about $238 or 15109 INR

    Location: Club del Doge, Campo Santa Maria del Giglio, 2467, Gritti palace, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy

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  • 21Combal.Zero (Rivoli)

    Image Credit :

    It forms a part of Italy’s top 100 restaurants, Combal.Zero is situated in Rivoli. This unique Italian restaurant believes that if they serve dishes with higher acidity at the end, it will keep the curiosity in the minds intact and aid the body’s natural digestive system, and the person will be able to enjoy the flavors of the meal better. 

    They have a menu with most complex dishes at the top while the lightest at the bottom. This forms the wings of the town's castle, which lets you intake more of the rivoli’s beauty. The Combal.Zero rank deduced from 28th to 65th in the world’s best restaurant from 2011 to 2015. Mark this on your honeymoon in Italy packages list before heading to Italy.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The nearest airport to Rivoli is Caselle International Airport. Combal.Zero is about 30 km from Caselle International Airport and could be reached in 40 mins.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Trekking Alps, Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art and AcquaJoy

    Price: The estimated cost for two is $268 or 17222 INR

    Location: Piazza Mafalda di Savoia | Castello di Rivoli, 10098 Rivoli, Italy

  • 22Dal Pescatore (Runate)

    Image Credit :

    Dal Pescatore was a small family restaurant which was opened by Antonio Santini’s grandparents in 1926. This place has been since, learning about the various cuisines and trying to study and understand the customs and traditions of other countries. 

    Their hard work has turned this place into one of the most renowned places to eat in Italy. Dal Pescatore believes that it is important to keep a balance between your guests, kitchen and yourself to serve a pleasurable and magical meal to the customers. 

    They always keep in mind the health of their customers, therefore you will always find fresh food in their kitchen. They try to keep up the diligence that their culture and tradition has taught them, while continuously changing with the time. 

    This idyllic setting is arranged in a beautiful manner, encircled by the pretty greens of the gardens, inside an elegant country house with the dining and sitting rooms serving authentic and perfected food recipes which have been handed down over three generations. 

    This is surely a place to include in your Italy trip packages, as it is situated near the nature reserve of the Oglio Sud park and is a great location for a summer day as you can enjoy your meal overlooking the gardens from the veranda.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: BRESCIA MONTICHIARI is about 36 km from dal Pescatore and takes about 30 mins to reach here.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Piazza Matteotti, La crepa, Leon D'oro

    Price: The estimated cost for two is $180 or 11500 INR

    Location: Strada Canneto Fontanella 15, 46013 Canneto sull'O, Italy south of the city of Mantua.

  • 23Enoteca Pinchiorri (Florence)

    Image Credit :

    This elegant setting in Florence is on the ground floor of 18th century Jacometti-Ciofi Palace, which has now turned into a gorgeous hotel. This restaurant serves you with the harmonious combination of research and wonderful blend of raw materials and control of cooking techniques. 

    The kitchen is like a laboratory where ideas are originated and put into the dishes. They serve innovation with the sense of local and regional traditions. The interiors of this restaurant boast of the ancient walls of the palace along with classic and accurate dining elements that make it worth experiencing.

    The eatery plans to fulfill a horde of feelings and joys while in the meantime being thorough, brimming with character, quiet, beguiling and respectful. You can even enjoy the exotic wines that come with a price, otherwise, the meal is value for money and is delectable.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Florence Airport, Peretola is about 10 km from this destination which can be included in your Italy honeymoon packages from india.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Basilica di Santa Croce, Piazza Santa Croce, Casa Buonarroti, Teatro Verdi

    Price: The estimated cost for two is about $269 or 17222 INR

    Location: Via Ghibellina, 87, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

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  • 24Il Pellicano (Porto Ercole)

    Image Credit :

    Experience the delectable cuisines along with exclusive vintage drinks and amazing views at Il Pellicano on your Italy honeymoon packages all inclusive. Examine the world’s best Italian cuisine served with perfectly fresh and totally organic ingredients, decorated by chef Sebastiano Lombardi. 

    Try the innovative yet traditional dishes that carries the significance of Italian style with pride. Try the unique and exotic cocktails while they treat you with a perfect gastronomical experience with superb views. 

    Feel like a star as you sip on your martini while oozing in its glamorous setting. Enjoy a scrumptious meal in this perfect setting accompanied by the sea breeze and an unbeatable view of the beach.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Il Pellicano is about 150 km or 93 mi from Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Spiaggia della Feniglia, Laguna di Orbetello, Riva del Marchese, Cala Mar Morto

    Price: The estimated cost for two is $440 or 28170 INR

    Location: Located in Sbarcatello 58019 Porto Ercole (Grosseto) – Italy

  • 25L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele (Naples)

    Image Credit :

    Go to this popular restaurant which was featured in Julia Roberts movie, eat love pray. You can pay a visit here about a 15-minute walk from Napoli Centrale train station. It is a crowded place although, it definitely lacks the background ambient chatter of the film. 

    The menu here is pretty straight and simple to choose from even for a fussy eater. There are two variants of pizza and couple of drinking options to accompany your meal. The place is filled with photographs of history which are dotted on the walls which make this place look and feel old. 

    However, it is a much less shabby place and is perfect if you want to go on a simple and cheap Italian pizza date. Mark this on your Italy honeymoon packages all inclusive itinerary before you travel to Naples as they are offering the softest pizza base with saucy toppings and wonderfully stringing cheese.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: You can reach here by train from Rome airport within 10 hours.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Pio Monte della Misericordia, Museo Civico Gaetano Filangieri, San Giorgio Maggiore Church

    Price: The estimated cost for two is $32 or 2000 INR.

    Location: L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele is located at Cesare Sersale 1/3, 80139 in Naples, Italy

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  • 26La Pergola (Rome)

    Image Credit :

    Indulge in an exclusive fine dining experience in Rome at La Pergola. A team of professionals prepares a fusion of genius and creativity, which reflects in the simple and unique dishes. Enjoy the scenes of eternal city that this restaurant offers. 

    The first and only three-star restaurant in Michelin in Rome is a temple of international gastronomy serving you the most exotic pieces of food from various cuisines. Reel in the real flavors of Italian and Mediterranean tradition with a glimpse of the classic beauty outside as well as in xperience dining at the open terrace of La Pergola in summers with soft Italian breeze and scrumptious meals arranged on pretty plates and cutlery lining your table. 

    This restaurant surely woos you with its breathtaking views of the outside and charming art masterpieces that adorn the walls, making it one memorable dining experience of world-class standards.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Rome Airport (FCO) is about 39.5 km from the Hotel La Pergola, Rome, Lazio, Italy.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: Chiesa di San Prisco e Agn, Opera e Lirica, Stabilimento Balneare La Marinella

    Price: The estimated cost for two is $230 or 14725 INR.

    Location: Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts | Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101 - 00136 Rome Italy.

  • Romantic Places To Stay In Italy

  • 27Palazzo Seneca, Norcia, Umbria, Italy

    Image Credit :

    Enjoy a night at Palazzo Seneca, one of the central Italy’s finest and most stylish hotels. This is a converted 16th century palace, which was a classic posthouse, the Posta hotel for several years. However, immaculately converted by  the Bianconi family, over the course of seven years, it stands tall in the Umbrian region of Italy. 

    This particular hotel has been attracting majority of travelers to explore this less known town and to revel in its food and culture. The glorious interiors are dotted with terracotta-tiled floors, beautiful furniture and fittings, beaming ceilings, leather-topped surfaces, linens, oak panelling and a vast fireplace. 

    You can enjoy the amazing surrounding countryside from this lovely hotel through your honeymoon packages Italy. Embark on your luxury stay at this hotel on our Italy honeymoon.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Perugia airport  at an approximate distance of 100 km.

    Price: The price for renting a room for one night in Palazzo hotel costs around 12653.07 INR or $198

    Location: Just moments from Piazza San Benedetto, Norcia delightful main square is on the quiet side street, in Umbria. 12 Via Cesare Battisti. Norcia. 06046, Italy.

  • 28The Gritti Palace, Venice

    Image Credit :

    Stay on your Italy vacation in one of the premier hotels in Venice, the Gritti Palace. This historic building will amuse you with its 61 refurbished rooms and 21 suites. This hotel occupies a palace and is dated from 1475, which was later occupied by Andrea Gritti. 

    The rooms are decorated in perfect Venetian period splendor, with precious paintings, frescoes, antiques, objets d’art and beautiful fabrics. Sense the traditional touch with the modern intimacy in the interiors which reflects Palace's historic character and appearance. 

    This ancient property resembles a 15th-century Venetian palazzo which has been equipped with television sets and digital alarm radios. Experience the courteous and charming staff which will dedicate time for your well-being. 

    Locate the restaurant or just spend some time lounging at this beautiful ancient property witnessing scenes of the grand canal and include this in your Italy honeymoon packages.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The closest airport from Gritti palace, is Venice Marco Polo airport, which can easily be reached by only a boat or bus ride.

    Price: The price for renting a room for one night in Gritti Palace is 48375.61 INR or $757 per night.

    Location: This hotel is situated at Campo S.Maria Del Giglio 2467 in Venice, 30124, Italy.

    Read our guide to summer holidays in Santorini:- Honeymoon In Santorini Travel Guide

  • 29Hotel Gutkowski, Ortigia, Sicily

    Image Credit :

    Hotel Gutkowski is situated in a small place of Sicily, Ortigia, which enthralls tourists with interesting and unexpected things to see. The hotel is made by occupying two 19th century Palazzi, with a unique style and evocatively faded pastel set on Levante which opens out to sky and sea. 

    This is a pure southern Italian setting, despite being known by its northern European name. This is a popular spot, must be on your honeymoon packages Italy itinerary which is set on the seafront in the picturesque island town of Ortigia, in south-east Sicily. 

    There is a lovely roof terrace that lets you unravel the views of the sea and this sweet little city. As this is framed with wood furniture designs, the super-chic urban steel wardrobes, and whitewashed walls, this is surely a great sea facing location which fills up fast.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Catania airport is the nearest airport from where you can rent a car or take a bus/ train.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: It's a few minutes’ walk from the vibrant fish market and the secret crumbling maze of the Graziella Quarter as nowhere in Ortigia is more than a 15-minute walk away.

    Price: The cost for renting a room  at this hotel, costs around 4920.64 INR or $77 per night

    Location: Situated exactly at Lungomare di Levante Elio Vittorini 26, 96100, Siracusa SR, Italy, at the very beginning of the Lungomare Levante which runs along the eastern edge of the island.

  • 30LaFavia Four Rooms, Milan Italy

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    Enjoy a stay at the LaFavia Four Rooms on your cheap Italian honeymoon packages all inclusive. As the name indicates this small and cozy setting is compact with only four rooms. Lafavia four rooms are situated in the heart of the Milan in an ancient 19th century building, in the Garibaldi district. 

    With only a few rooms this elegant setting has a unique style and plenty of character. This sophisticated setting has a pinch of ethnic and vintage Seventies, adds to its calmness and peace. 

    The statue of Krishna nested beneath the tropical banana tree and the exclusive terrace garden with wisteria, jasmine and flowering azalea, as well as a little vegetable garden with tomatoes, aubergines, and courgettes,  make it a home-like destination. Create some memories in this idyllic building with a comfort of home in Italy.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: You can reach Malpensa airport from where you can get a direct train link on the Malpensa Express, get off at Garibaldi station.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: The artistic city quarters and bohemian quarters are within a walking distance. Porta Garibaldi railway station is just a short shork away.

    Price: Rent a room to spend a night From just $ 110 or 7029.48 INR per night.

    Location: Situated at the Carlo Farini 4, 20154 Milan, Italy.
  • 31Babuino 181, Rome Italy

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    For an expensive city known for its cramped accommodations, Babuino 181 is an exception. This boutique hotel with customised 14 rooms and suites provides a dreamy hideout of Frette linens, king-sized beds, comfortable couches, large windows, and natural woods that blends totally with the hotel’s delicious warm tones of umbers, ochres and beiges. 

    Every room has a unique location, size and incredible views with even rooftop settings. This one makes it to the list of Italy’s most fine and most discreet hideaways. Often referred as a home away from home, Babuino 181 offers rooms that are spacious, elegant, warmly furnished and wonderfully comfortable, relaxing and quiet. 

    Enjoy the sunset at the beautiful open terrace bar, with the light roman breeze and gorgeous views. The hotel serves as an ideal spot for experiencing luxury while on a quest to explore the beautiful city of Rome.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Rome Fiumicino airport which is about 45 minutes away by car.

    Nearby Beaches & Attractions: The nearby attraction includes some monuments and sites that are only a short walk away including Piazza Navona, Ara Pacis, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Venezia, and greenery getaway Villa Borghese. Also, pay a visit to the Vatican and Termini station which takes only a few metro stops.

    Price: The cost of renting a room for one night starts From 10608.13 INR or $166 per night.

    Location: Situated at Del Babuino 181, Rome, 00187, Italy.

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