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Best Places to Visit in Kamshet in 2019

  • There are so many exciting places to visit in Kamshet, that there is never a dull moment here. One of the most charming hill stations in the Western Ghats region in Maharashtra, it is amongst India’s top paragliding destinations due to its terrain dotted with hilly slopes. 

    The place goes much beyond paragliding. Kamshet is one of those unique places where ancient first-century caves coexist with amusement parks, both attracting travellers from all over.  To explore picturesque lakes like Uksan and Pavana to ancient places of worship like Kondeshwar and Ekvira Devi Temple, and forts like Visapur, make sure to include Kamshet in your list of weekend getaways.

    Kamshet places to visit
    can be enjoyed for the major part of the year as the weather remains pleasant due to its altitude.

    Here the list of best places to visit in Kamshet:

  • 01 Uksan Lake

    Uksan Lake
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    Uksan Lake is one of those places that promise to take you into a peaceful and blissful space, away from the chaos of city life. This is a small oasis-like place that is framed by hills and forests, lending it a beautiful appearance.

    It is a great place to hike, swim, night camp, barbeque, or just sit by the lakeside and hear the water rustling around you. Seeing the sunset or sunrise here is also a great experience. 

    The lake waters swell up and the surrounding greens look even more luxuriant during and after the rains. 

    Location: 14 kilometres from Kamshet.  

    Best time: The lake is best visited after the monsoon months of June-September.

  • 02 Shinde Wadi Hills

    Shinde Wadi Hills
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    These hills, which have war legends around them, are the best place to try paragliding while in Kamshet. Located at a height of around 200 ft their gentle slopes allow expert and beginner gliders to indulge in hours of undulated adventure and fun of paragliding. 

    Try to reach before dawn to see the beautiful sunrise from behind the hills. It is among the best 
    places to visit in Kamshet to enjoy an escape into the cool crisp air of the hills. 

    Location: 2 kilometres from Kamshet. 

    Best time: October-May is the flying season.

  • 03 Bhairi Caves

    Bhairi Caves
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    These caves, one of the oldest in Maharashtra, are one of the most popular places to visit in Kamshet. Located on a high rocky area, they are reachable through a hike on very rocky terrain. 

    Once there, you will be rewarded with beautiful and majestic views of these intriguing caves. An ancient site for animal sacrifices, it is said that the practice is still followed here. 

    You can even see some utensils kept here. Spend some time here taking in panoramic views of the twin forts of Rajmachi, Shrivardhan, and Manoranjan surrounded by the tranquillity of nature.  

    Location: The caves are located in Jambhivali, which is 20 kilometres from Kamshet.

    Best time: February- May, and October- December.

  • 04 Pavana Lake

    Pavana Lake
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    Though an artificial lake created from the Pavana Dam, this lake is a must-visit amongst Kamshet places to visit for an idyllic escape into the peace that nature offers. It is a popular camping location due to its beautiful scenery. 

    Don’t miss to see the sun cast its golden hues on the calm waters and surrounding hills during sunset and sunrise. Those keen on bird watching can spot species like Indian Roller, Shikra, and Pied Bushchat, etc. around the waters. 

    Location: 18 kilometres from Kamshet.

    Best time: February- May, and October- December.

  • 05 Bedse Caves

    Bedse Caves
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    Cave exploration in Kamshet is incomplete without visiting the Buddhist Bedse Caves, which are said to be built in the first century. Like most caves, these also have a dark, damp, and mystic allure about them. 

    As you enter, you will see a temple with ancient carvings of elephants, horses, etc. on the walls. A beautifully carved ceiling and pillars arch the monastery inside, which is a must-see. 

    This is one of the best 
    places to visit in Kamshet to spend time meditating or simply being with oneself in the silent & serene environs of the caves. 

    Location: 10 kilometres from Kamshet.

    Best time: Monsoons months of June-September.

  • 06 Kondeshwar Temple

    Kondeshwar Temple
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    Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this ancient temple is famous for its location in the midst of a dense forest. Reachable after a rocky hike, its black stone architecture never fails to astonish. 

    The serenity of the temple is only broken by the sounds of cascading water from a nearby waterfall. Spend time cooling down in the misty water sprays from the falls. 

    Don’t miss the Shri Kheteshwar Maharaj Samadhi located near a charming little pond, one of the top attractions in 
    Kamshet places to visit

    Location: The temple is located in Jambhivali, which is 20 kilometres from Kamshet.

    Best time: 
    February- May, and October- December. The temple remains open from 6:00 am- 8:30 pm every day.

  • 07 Bhandar Dongar

    Bhandar Dongar
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    This is one of those charmingly rustic places that have a great appeal for tourists. There is a beautiful ancient temple dedicated to Saint Tukaram, located atop a hill. 

    The place is also a great attraction for people interested in hiking and paragliding due to its sloped terrain and location on the hill. It is amongst the most popular 
    Kamshet places to visit both for beginners as well as expert gliders. 

    Location: 23 kilometres from Kamshet.

    Best time: February- May, and October- December. 

  • 08 Visapur Fort

    Visapur Fort
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    Famous for its striking location atop a lush green plateau at 1084 metres, the fort is a popular tourist attraction and one of the most famous places to visit in Kamshet

    The hike to the fort is exciting and takes one through thickets and waterfalls covered in a silvery mist. Reach the summit to see the Hanuman Temple and views of Visapur Fort’s twin Lohagad Fort.

    You will also see many small ancient caves, ruins of stone houses, known as the Peshwa’s palace. One of the most interesting things to see is the ten feet long gun that is said to belong to Queen Elizabeth. 

    Location: 17 kilometres from Kamshet.

    Best time: Mid-June to February.

  • 09 Bhaje Waterfalls

    Bhaje Waterfalls
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    These waterfalls are named after the Bhaje Caves, dating back to 160 BC, located nearby. The waterfalls are enormous, with their milky white waters standing out against rocky walls covered in greenery. 

    A lot of people visit the falls to take a refreshing dip in the small plunge pool at the bottom to get a respite from the heat. The hike to the waterfall is steep and slippery but completely worth the beautiful views. 

    Location: 15 kilometres from Kamshet.

    Best time: Monsoons months of June-September.

  • 10 Ekvira

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    Ekvira Devi Temple is a revered place for the local fishermen tribe of Koli people. The temple, considered to be constructed in the first or second century, dates back to the ancient time of Pandavas. 

    It is dedicated to goddess Ekvira worshipped in both India and Nepal. Located atop a hill, it is reached after ascending 500 steps. Its arched ceilings and stone architecture are a must-see for their quaint beauty. 

    The temple is located on the top of a hill surrounded by Karla caves that are a protected site.

    Location: 13.9 kilometres from Kamshet.

    Best time: Every day 5:00 am- 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm- 9:00 pm.

  • 11 Magic Mountain

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    Magic Mountain has an amusement park has thrill rides divided as per their difficulty level and into various categories. There are high thrill rides, mid thrill rides, and family rides. Some of these include Top Spin, Giant, Delta Hoppla, Space Trainer, Turbo Force, and Z force. Out of all, Top Spin remains to be a favourite of most.

    The park also has restaurants that serve a variety of delicacies and make sure to take care of all hungry souls. The park has additional paid services like medical bay, parking, shuttle services, street magician, toy shops and much more.

     Old Pune Mumbai Highway NH - 4, at Mundhaware, Post - Takve, Pune

    10:30 AM to 6 PM on all days

    Entry fee:
     Tickets start at INR 799 per head, rates differ for corporate and college student bookings

  • 12 Andra Valley Dam

    Andra Valley Dam
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    An earth-fill dam, it is one of the most serene places to visit in Kamshet for spending a day away from the chaos of the city. The dam is known for its striking appearance. 

    Its calm waters surrounded by palm trees look out onto misty hills. It is the perfect place to enjoy the constantly blowing cool breeze while soaking in the views of huge windmills in the backdrop. 

    Location: 24 kilometres from Kamshet.

    Best time: February- May, and October- December.

  • 13 Panshet Water Park

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    A relatively newly opened amusement park in Lonavala, Panshet Water Park is known for offering thrilling and fun water rides. It is located close to the famous Khadakwasla dam and is nestled around the western ghats. 

    This water park is also surrounded by the Sahyadri hills giving a picturesque backdrop to the exciting water activities. It is a great bet during the summers as it allows one to escape the strong heat and take a dip in the water!

    Location: Near Khadakwasla Dam, Pune

    Timings: 10 PM to 6 PM on all days

    Entry fee: On the weekdays - INR 250 for adults and INR 170 for children under the height of 4 feet. On weekends and public holidays - INR 300 for adults and INR 230 for children under the height of 4 feet.