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Traveller Tales from Yelagiri


Akshaj Dwivedi

16 December 2018

When I saw this adventure at Thrillophilia I started yearning for adventure and booked it for me and my brother immediately. Though we loved the camping part, what we enjoyed the most was the set of am...

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Vinay Dubashi

10 December 2018

Yelagiri is a superb place to have fun with friends. Simply awesome trip. Camping was average. Food was but good. Guides did a good job. But the activities were not upto the mark. Still, we had a lot o


Aashritha Mahajan

10 December 2018

Except for the dirty toilets, everything was fine. All the activities I had were fun and I really enjoyed the perfect package being offered by Thrillophilia.


Budhil Sethi

10 December 2018

i had some really great moments on this trip.The trek was really good, my guide, Manan was very supportive throughout and the food back at the resort was delicious. totally satisfied by Thrillophilia o


Fatema Rexinewala

17 November 2017

"It's scenic for sure, had some great moments with adventure activities in built in the resort. However my expectations of the trek by our organisers was not met at all. Great food at the resort on

What You Should Know More About Yelagiri

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Yelagiri has no petrol pumps. If you are travelling by a motor vehicle, fill it to the fullest.

    • Carry your medicines with you as you won’t find big pharmacies there. Only one government primary health centre is present there.

    • There is only one ATM which means you need to carry cash with you.

    • Carry your binoculars to get the spectacular view of the hills.

    • Yelagiri is famous for a lot of snakes. Don’t get out at night and watch your step.

    • Carry a torch always with you as the village is pretty dark after the sunset.

    • The local tribal people are simple and friendly. Do not hesitate to seek their help when needed.

    • Bargain while buying from the village market.

    • Respect the locals and their culture. Doing something wrong will impose a bad picture of you on them and you might get in to an issues even.

    • You will find a lot of animals by the roads. Do not feed them. They might turn aggressive.

    • There are not many options available for transportation in Yelagiri. Book a taxi or an auto-rickshaw beforehand.   

  • Q. Drinking Laws

    You have to be at least 21 to consume liquor in Tamil Nadu. Also, you won’t get pubs and bars in Yelagiri. Avoid getting out for sight-seeing in a drunken state.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Swami Malai Hill

    With a height of 438 ft., Swami Malai Hill is the height peak there. Trekking on this hill is a must do. You will love the view from the peak. There is a big rock, top of which is called view point. Don’t forget to climb that. Start early in the morning to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. You will need to go to a village called Mangalam first. Mangalam is the starting point of the trek. The trek is easy and takes almost an hour. It is not suggested to visit the place during the monsoons as landslides occur.

    Jalagamparai Waterfalls

    This is a famous tourist attraction in the Yelagiri region. The beautiful cascading fall will make you spellbound. To see a good amount of water you should visit the falls in November and February. The scenic beauty of the place is captivating. There is a temple near the falls. Unfortunately, if you visit during the summer months, you won’t find water.

    Nature Park

    If you love nature, you must visit this park. There are so many attractions inside, including a fun corner for the kids. There is an artificial waterfall which also offers bath for the tourists. There is a beautiful fountain with colourful lightings and synchronised with the popular music tracks of today. It’s definitely a fun to watch. Also, you will love seeing a large aquarium with a lot of colourful fishes and tortoises. The flower garden there is really captivating with colourful blooms. There is an interesting bamboo house where you can stay for a while. Overall, this park is an exciting treat for you and your kids.

    Jalagandeeswarar Temple

    This temple is considered to be one of the most auspicious locations in the Yelagiri region. Located in Vellore Fort, this is a great example of architecture and you will definitely love seeing the hand-crafted stone sculptures there. You must enquire the locals about the mythological story behind the temple.

    Herbal Farm

    Located near the captivating Puganoor Lake, this is a farm run by the state government. You will see a lot of herbal plants there which are truly rare and holds a prime position in the making of ayurvedic medicines. You will know a lot about Ayurveda there. Do pay a visit.

    Murugan Temple

    Built on the peak of Yelagiri mountain, this temple is a must visit for all to experience great natural views. Murugan temple is popularly known as Velavan Temple there. Inside the temple you will see a huge statue of Gadothgajan and other marvellous sculptures. A festival is organised during the month of July. A lot of devotees make a pilgrimage to this auspicious temple during the festival. Trek to the temple to get a whole new experience.   

    Punganoor Lake

    This is a manmade lake in the heart of the Yelagiri region. It is a nice place for recreations with your family, especially kids. You can go boating on the huge lake. Both rowing and paddling boats are available. There is a park near the lake where the kids can enjoy for a while. You will also see beautiful birds near the lake. Do carry your binoculars.

    Telescope observatory

    The telescope observatory, original name of which is Vainu Bappu Observatory, is a must visit in Yelagiri. It offers great views to our solar system. The telescope in this observatory is the largest in entire Asia. Apart from seeing the sky, you will also get breath-taking views of the surrounding areas. If lucky enough, you will encounter a few deer in the forests even.

  • Q. What will like you like there?


    If you are in search of a few great adventure experiences, visit Yelagiri. You can go for trekking on the lofty hills covered with lush greenery, you can go for paragliding, and you can go for rock climbing too. Get ready to experience all these in the lap of nature.


    The natural beauty of Yelagiri is captivating and breath-taking. The hills around the villages are a real treat for your eyes. Also, the lakes and waterfalls make it a heavenly place. The flora and fauna will make you awestruck. You will spot a lot of colourful birds in the region. Also, you might find some deer roaming freely in the forests.  


    The local cuisine in Yelagiri is simple and healthy. The south Indian dishes will surely impress you with its aromatic flavours. Don’t miss out the jack fruits of this region. The ingredients used in the dishes are fresh from the surrounding villages.


    If you want to see unspoilt and serene nature, come down to Yelagiri. You will fall in love with the silence all around you. It is a perfect escape from the rush of the big cities you dwell in.


    The locals of Yelagiri region are simple villagers engaged in agriculture and farming. They are mainly Tamil Hindus and live a laid back lifestyle.

    Yelagiri summer festival

    A festival is organised every year in May by the state tourism department. People from the surrounding regions participate in the festival. Various stalls of different local things are presented there. A dog show is organised where you will see different dog breeds performing.  

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