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Unawatuna Beach

Relax your senses in the sparkling waters well complemented with a lazy sandy idyll in Unawatuna beach. It was once named the world's best beach by Discovery Channel. One and a half hour drive from Colombo makes it easier for people to reach this beach.

Highlights: You can indulge in water sports such as diving and snorkelling which will leave you completely thrilled. If you are a keen whale watcher then join the exciting journey of Whale Watching Cruise from Galle to Mirissa fishery port where you will witness the mighty Blue Whale, Humpback Whale, Sharks and Turtles too, which will leave you completely awestruck.

Remember, there are no ATMs in Unawatuna, the nearest one is Holcim Cement Factory-Commercial Bank.

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Top Unawatuna Attractions

What You Should Know More About Unawatuna

  • Q. Travel advice

    • Sri Lanka has a pretty high crime rate. Take good care of your belongings.

    • Drug abuse is also high in Sri Lanka. You might get drug offers on the beach. Stay away from those issues.

    • If you love surfing, head towards the west end of the bay as the other parts are really deep.

    • Don’t allow children to swim in Unawatuna beaches as there is a high chance to drown.

    • Avoid over friendly strangers.

    • Unawatuna markets sell gemstones. Make sure to buy the original ones only, as the fake ones are sold for the same prices like the authentic ones.

    • Don’t carry much cash to the beaches and keep the precious things safe in hotel locker.

    • You will get drinks on the beach, but drink responsibly.

  • Q. Drinking laws

    The legal drinking age in Sri Lanka is 21. You will get a lot of pubs around the city and on the beaches too. But you should drink responsibly without getting into legal issues.

  • Q. Our recommendations- things you can’t afford to miss?

    The beach
    The best beach in Sri Lanka is there is Unawatuna. You will love riding water bikes and surfing there. The only thing you should worry about is the level of water. Ask the locals or the concerned authorities about the places safe to surf. 

    Scuba diving
    Scuba diving is diving inside the water wearing an apparatus used for breathing. It is a fun thing to do in Unawatuna and see the world under water. The beautiful coral reefs are a treat to watch. Consult an agency for diving and they will gift you the best of your adventure experiences.

    Snorkelling is swimming in the water wearing a mask with a tube called snorkel. The two best snorkelling places in Unawatuna are the Rock Island and the Jungle Beach. You can see colourful fishes and corals down there. 

    Jungle beach
    Jungle beach is a good place for snorkelling. You can hire a tuk tuk from Unawatuna beach to reach there; alternatively you can walk down too. If you want to stay near the Jungle Beach, you will get a number of sea- facing hotels. It is a calm and quiet beach with not much tourists, compared to the Unawatuna Beach. 

    Japanese Peace Pagoda
    Japanese peace Pagoda is located near the Jungle Beach. You can witness great sunset from there. 

    Mihiripenna Beach
    A nearby place from Unawatuna, this is a beautiful beach to visit. If you don’t like crowded beaches, you should visit this beach instead of the Unawatuna Beach.

    Yatagala Raja Maha Viharaya Buddhist Temple
    This is a 2300 years old Buddhist temple. Many monks dwell in this temple. This place is not visited by much of the crowds as everyone visits the sea. 

    Turtle Hatcheries
    You will find a number of farms around the sea which hatches turtle. The tiny turtles are fun to watch. You need to buy tickets to enter the farms and see the cute little turtles waiting to be left to go to the sea.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    The sea
    Sri Lanka is a small island country with Arabian Sea all around. The main attraction there is the beautiful sea and the marine ecosystem. Enjoy the sea through adventurous water sports. 

    If you love surfing, you must visit Unawatuna. It offers great beaches for the surfers. But you need to be very careful regarding the water level as it might get deep.

    Local cuisine
    Where there is the sea, you will get great sea foods like the lobsters, shrimps, octopuses, squids, clams, etc. A good fast food, which is also the staple food in Sri Lanka, is the Roti. You will get delicious stuffed rotis everywhere in Unawatuna. Some good restaurants on the beach are Hot Rock, Peacock Restaurant, South Ceylon Restaurant, etc. 

    Pubs and bars
    If you love to drink, there are a lot of pubs on the beach offering good drinks, both alcohol and non-alcohol. Some of the restaurants that offer drinks are Lucky Tuna, Happy Banana, etc.

    To freshen up your mind, you can visit spas and wellness centres like the Sanctuary Spa, Capre Diem Massage centre, Ayurveda Lanka Spa, etc.

    Yoga centres
    Yoga is known to heal the body and mind since ancient times. If you need to relax mentally, try yoga. Some yoga centres in Unawatuna are Sri Yoga Shala, Yoga with Ashiri, etc.

    You will find colourful gems, jewellery, clothes, shoes, etc., in the markets of Unawatuna.  

    Cooking classes
    If you love to cook, cooking classes are arranged at Sonja Vegi Restaurant to make you learn local dishes. 

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