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Best Trekking Tours in Phuket

Phuket is one of the most singled out holiday sites for vacationers and hiking in Phuket through its virgin rainforests or sprawling, white beaches are just the cherry on top. The haunting charm of this virtually numinous rainforest area of SouthEast Asia is bound to cast a spell on the most dispassionate soul, let alone solitude seekers and adventure addicts. Whether you are a long term hitchhiker, a daft nomad or an organized honeymooner, Phuket has something for everyone to enjoy. The hiking trails of Phuket offer varied types of delightful experiences to the trekkers, each one varying in its environment, wildlife and other features from the other. While some of the trekking paths in Phuket make their way through the mossy forest floor, some others are sandy beach trails opening up to the azure blue sea. It is the one place in Thailand where you can treat your eyes on a number of spectacular waterfalls gushing down the cliffs of limestone rocks into massive pools where people indulge in fun activities. With some of the highest tree houses of the world, over-the-top beachside resorts, exotic Thai cuisines, mesmeric scenery and last but not the least amiable locals Phuket is chock-full with thousands of hikers and adventure buffs during the peak season. Most of the hikers could be spotted during the early hours of the day as travelling becomes difficult during the later part of the day when the mercury level shoots up. 

Travelling to Phuket is never complete without hiking in the unknown tracks of this beautiful island country. Apart from the shadowy jungle trails and shimmering white beaches, Phuket is blessed with a number of parks, dams, and hills where no footprints of travellers could be found. Suan Luang Park, Bang Wad Reservoir and the Nai Harn Lake are some of the easily accessible hiking trails that remain crowded virtually round the year by the day-trippers who look forward to reveling in some outdoor activities during a trip. For the adrenaline junkies, The Big Buddha or Radar Hill can be the choicest hiking destinations where you will have to take a steep climb up the hilly terrain of Phuket. As you head on to an uphill journey through these hilly trails of Phuket, you will be drifted to a world of serenity and quietude from the hullabaloo of a bustling city. 

Phuket is blessed with a plethora of natural bounty which has contributed to its booming tourism industry down the years. Whether for adventure activities or eventful nightlife, the small island country has everything to gratify your nomadic soul. Even for beginners who want to try something easy or get trained in Phuket hiking, the Nai Harn Lake at south Phuket is their ideal destination. The place gives an alternative view of this picture-perfect island country which is the ultimate refuge of wanderers and solitude-seekers provided they are ready to take an extra mile out of their comfort zones. Below we discuss some commonly asked questions by our travel experts to make your trip to Phuket exciting and exclusive:

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What You Should Know More About Trekking in Phuket

  • Q. Which are the famous hiking trails in Phuket?

    Phuket hiking is no longer a surprise to the locals of Thailand as it was to them even a few decades back when they would stop to see people hiking in the trails of Phuket and lend their helping hands to the hikers if they needed help. Now, it is a common sight for the residents to come across hikers and trekkers from all parts of the globe who want to uncover the hidden gems of this panoramic island country of Southeast Asia. Ranging from parks and dams to serpentine trails amidst dense undergrowth all around, Phuket is the ultimate destination for adventure lovers. Here we shortlist some of the famous hiking trails in Phuket that you should count on:

    Gibbon Hike- It is known for abounding exotic tree houses and zip lines under the canopy of gigantic trees. Far from the clichéd urban livelihood, Gibbon National Park is an idyllic destination to give you a great hiking experience. The trail starts from the headquarters of the park near the Ton Sai Waterfall to the Bang Pae Waterfall. It is close to 9 Km long trail which takes a treacherous walk across small brooks and rocky cliffs to reach up to the waterfall. You can stay in one of the tree houses at Gibbon and witness a spectacular sunset over the valleys. It’s a 2 nights-3 days hiking expedition at Gibbon amidst the shrubbery and watercourses.
    Location: Thep Krasattri, Phuket, Thailand

    Monkey Hill- Toh Sae Hill or Monkey Hill as it is popularly known as one of the popular hiking trails in Phuket. The place is home to about 400 macaques in total and you can watch a show performed by these mischief-makers conducted by a person named Pae Hog who is fondly regarded as Uncle Hog by the locals. A platform has been built atop the hill which offers a stunning view of the Phuket City and is thronged by tourists who visit the place. The 4-mile long trail to Monkey Hill is quite treacherous and will challenge your guts if you are up for a trek.
    Location: To Chae Road, Phuket Town, Phuket, Thailand
    Time required: It takes about two and a half hours for a round trip to Monkey Hill.

    Kathu Waterfall- Unlike the images of free-flowing water gushing down a lofty height and plunging down into a massive pool when you think about a waterfall, the Kathu Waterfall is a series of waterfalls that are at times turbulent and at times gentle. Nestled in the verdure of nature at about 540 meters above the sea level, the 2 Km hiking trail to reach Kathu is as hard a climb as it is easy depending on your grits for an adventure trip. There are refreshment joints all along the 2 Km which comprises of stairways and you can stop at a noodle stall and savor on authentic Thai soup noodles at affordable rates after a tiring hike
    Location: Kathu, Phuket, Thailand

    Khao Sok National Park- It offers a wide range of fun-filled activities for all ages starting from hiking through the wilderness of the tropical rainforest to swimming in the emerald green water of a pool under the blue dome of the sky. The jungle is located on the bank of a vast water strip where you can occasionally spot gibbons and hornbills in your hiking expedition. Taking a 3 days’ hike across the Khao Sok National Park which extends for approximately 11 kms, will let you uncover the hidden beauty of its matchless flora and fauna and sink into the peaceful vibe of the place. Be careful to keep your stuffs in firm grip when you are on a jungle trek, as the macaques are always up to trying some pranks with the newcomers.
    Location: Surat Thani, Thailand
    Time required: 3 days approx

    Bang Pae Waterfall- The 5 Km long hiking trail between Bang Pae and Ton Sok waterfalls rests under the canopy of large trees and a number of natural droop pools that render a mystic ambiance to the place. The main waterfall lies at the end of a snaky jungle trail which is choicest picnic spot for tourists and locals. Atop the towering cliffs of the naturally formed limestone rocks you can enjoy a stunning vista of the Phuket’s countryside overlooking the 33 feet high Bang Pae waterfall. Get a day pass to enjoy from morning till night in this postcard-pretty weekend destination of Phuket. Piang Prai and Bang Pae Seafood are the two most popular restaurants where you can enjoy delectable Thai food at the backdrop of an overwhelming mangrove forest.
    Location- Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, Thep Krasattri, Phuket, Thailand

    The Big Buddha trail- This is one of the most hunted hiking trails in Phuket which stretches from the Karon Centre to Big Buddha which is a 45 meter tall and grand marble idol of Lord Buddha atop a hill between Chalong and Kuta. There is a shortcut 1.5 Km trail which makes its way through a jungle to reach up to the temple and the other usual one is a 5 km walking distance approximately. The hiking trail to reach Big Buddha is a bit challenging as the road turns steeper at every curve of the uphill journey and you can see the construction road in progress. You can stop over at the different roadside stalls en route Big Buddha and collect souvenirs of Lord Buddha in different positions.
    Location: Soi Yot Sane 1, Chaofa West Road, Chalong, Phuket Town, Phuket-83100, Thailand
    Time required: (1 ½ -2) hours approx.

    Patong to Paradise Beach-Patong to Paradise Beach- Nestled under the canopy of evergreen trees and hushed by the azure Andaman Sea, it is one of the most secluded and laid back hiking trails in Phuket. As you start your journey en route Paradise Beach from Patong, the winding path across the Emerald Bay you will witness the unsullied beauty of nature and feel the caress of the tropical sea breeze all over your skin. You can end your trek to Paradise Beach by raking a refreshing dip in the sea. The 4 Km trail from Patong to Paradise beaches comprises of palm fringed twin bays that enjoy a cool and windy climate throughout the year that gives you a pleasant hiking experience in Phuket.
    Location: 109 Muen Ngren Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand 83150
    Time required: 8 minutes

  • Q. When is the best time to visit Phuket for hiking?

    Being firmly tucked in the west coast of the Andaman Sea, Phuket enjoys a mild tropical climate round the year. The hottest phases of the year are from April-May and from September-October. This spectacular isle of Thailand experiences heavy rain during September and October under the influence of southwest monsoons winds. 

    So, if you are looking forward to Phuket hiking, the best time to visit Phuket is from December-March when humidity is at its lowest and the climate is pleasant (24°C – 32°C). it is during this time of the year you can enjoy the stunning view of Phuket.

  • Q. Are there any waterfall treks in Phuket?

    Phuket boasts of enormous waterfall treks that lead to secret cataracts and hidden sandy beaches. Sometimes it is a strenuous uphill journey to reach up to the top of the waterfall and sometimes it is a gentle hiking trail amidst the swathing foliage of the surroundings which often opens up to the azure Andaman Sea. Below are listed some of the most captivating hiking trails of Phuket in case you are a hiking buff: 

    -Kathu waterfall
    -Khao Sok National Park
    -The Big Buddha
    -Bang Pae Waterfall
    -Patong to Paradise Beach trail
    -Ao Yon Waterfall
    -Ton Sai Waterfall

  • Q. Are there any beach treks in Phuket?

    When it comes to hiking in Phuket, you will be allured by the sprawling white beaches lulled by the continuous sea breeze. You can also savour exotic Thai cuisines or pamper yourself in a Thai spa while basking in the sun. For your next Phuket trip, don’t miss out an opportunity to visit these famous beaches of Thailand:

    -Phi Phi Island
    -Raya Island
    -Similan Islands
    -Karon Beach
    -Kata beach
    -Kata Noi Beach
    -Nai Harn Beach
    -Railay Beach

  • Q. What should I wear while hiking in Phuket?

    Casual dresses are perfect if you are going for hiking in Phuket because Thailand is hot and humid during most of the time in a year. If you are going for Phukethiking, here are a few clothes you must throw in your daypack:

    -Button downs for layering over bikinis or swimsuits. 
    -Denim shorts to wear over your tank tops or bikini bottoms.
    -A swimsuit, preferably an off shoulder or one piece that can be paired up with shorts.

    If you are out on a beach hikinginPhuket, a flip flop sandal is the best ever footwear you should carry along with you.

  • Q. What things must I carry while hiking in Phuket?

    While travelling to Phuket the one thing you should count on is hiking along the untraded trails of this picturesque island country. Before you plan your trip here’s an essential checklist for a hassle-free and fun-filled experience of hiking in Phuket:

    -Quick dry towel
    -Travel insurance for Thailand
    -Thailand power converter
    -Activated charcoal
    -Travel sheet
    -Waterproof phone case
    -Hiking shoes
    -Female urination device
    -Underwater camera
    -Packing Cubes
    -Travel backpack
    -Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    -Passport pouch
    -Life Straw
    -Travel cubes

  • Q. Is it safe to hike in Phuket?

    Phuket is a pretty safe place for travellers who want to get a colourful adventure experience through activities like trekking, hiking, jet skiing etc. Danger can always be in the offing, for example, being cheated on a motorbike hire charge or blowing your top at the taxi driver over a fare or anything else if you are not watchful. A few tips for staying safe and making your trip vividly exciting are listed below:

    -Avoid walking down a back alley after midnight
    -Avoid getting into unnecessary argument with drunken locals.
    -Buy or rent adventure sport equipment from reliable hands.
    -Do not swim at a remote beach where the current is not tested or lifeguards are not available.
    -Do not get into a conflict at the Go-Go Bar.

  • Q. What are the different things apart from hiking which can be done in Phuket?

    If you are looking for some high voltage activities in your next holiday trip, Phuket is your destination. Apart from hiking in Phuket, there is a surfeit of options that will make you run out of time in a single trip. Whether jumping off dizzying heights with a parachute or enjoying the electric nightlife of Thailand, Phuket brings out the traveller in your in its best version.

    Some of the best known activities in your Phuket trip can be zip lining (especially for kids), scuba diving in the crystal blue sea water, go for a shopping at the Night Market of Phuket Town, get a crash course at Thai Cooking Class, a night out at Bangla Road, visit Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, Wassa Homemade Bar, watch the vibrant Simon Cabaret Show at The Phuket Old Town.

  • Q. Which adventure activities are famous in Phuket?

    Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a naturalist or a history aficionado, Phuket has something for everyone according to their age, budget, taste, and level of fitness. A few important activities you can get indulged in your Phuket trip are listed below:

    -Kite surfing
    -Phuket Sea kayaking
    -Sea surfing 
    -Scuba diving
    -Phuket wakeboarding 
    -Para motoring in Phuket
    -Golf in Phuket
    -Patong Go-Kart Speedway 
    -ATV trip in Phuket
    -Watching live Thai boxing show in Phuket
    -Phuket Wind Surfing
    -Bungee Jumping