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Best Paragliding Tours in Kamshet

Get your adrenaline spiking with a dose of paragliding in Kamshet on your next vacation. Kamshet is a beautiful hill town located near Mumbai and Pune and offers a thrilling getaway to all the adventure lovers. With spectacular valleys, majestic mountains and idyllic village houses, Kamshet have become a top spot for paragliding in India. Amidst the serene environment of Kamshet, paragliding has become the most popular activity and brought fame to the town for presenting the most enthusiastic experience to the tourists. Thrill-seekers flock to this gorgeous town to check off an unforgettable adventure with the help of paragliding tours in Kamshet. Nestled in the beautiful Sahyadri ranges, Kamshet has become a preferred destination for paragliding due to its exceptional topography and world-class facilities. There are not very high hills and various flying sites and landing areas for the paragliders in Kamshet. With such ideal conditions for paragliding, it is no wonder to know why Kamshet has emerged as a favourite destination for adventure junkies. The pulse racing adventure of paragliding involves flying paragliders not involving any engine. After taking off by jogging down from a high-altitude hill, the pilots control the direction of the paraglider in the sky to land on as the site. The activity can be enjoyed while being seated comfortably and manoeuvring your way through the thrilling winds in the sky with the help of breaks and speed control livers.

The awe-inspiring activity lasts for about several hours and there is no requirement for any special skills or prior practice to partake in paragliding. Once you soar high above, you can enjoy the most breathtaking views of Kamshet replete with verdant beauty, awe-inspiring lakes and stupendous hills through this awe-inspiring activity. The town boasts of predictable weather conditions and medium-range hills. The stunning weather at Kamshet is perfect for both pure ridge as well as dynamic styles of flying. The average wind speed here is more than 20 km/hour which allows the tourists to learn how to navigate through the strong winds and nourish their skills of ground handling. The wonderful sport of paragliding in Kamshet can be enjoyed for the about eight months in a single year. From October to February, Kamshet boasts of the splendid winter season when the easterlies blow over the region and allow dynamic thermic conditions. From March to May, Kamshet offers dynamic ridge conditions as the westerlies sweep over the town. The months from June to September in Kamshet offers a wonderful time to enjoy the monsoon season. Paragliding in Kamshet can be enjoyed by the tourists with the help of professional fly schools who offer various paragliding courses. At these schools in Kamshet, people can become elementary pilots, club pilots and advanced pilots. These courses can be completed at various levels of 3 to 4 days and then become a certified paraglider to pursue your adventurous pursuits.

For the first time paragliders, there is a wonderful opportunity enjoy an adventure of a lifetime with the help of certified trainers. There are various schools for beginners and the activity doesn’t require you to be an expert at anything before your maiden flight. Without any special prerequisites to embark on this thrilling adventure, paragliding can be enjoyed by people of all ages and groups. All you will need is to challenge your spirits and push your boundaries with some enthusiasm for sports and physical fitness. Anyone who is above the age of 16 and has a minimum weight of 40 kilograms can undertake a number of adventurous paragliding tours in Kamshet on a vacation. However, it is necessary that you seek an advice from an expert medical practitioner if you suffer from ailments like heart disease, respiratory problems or dizziness. Tourists can look forward to having an exciting day with paragliding in Kamshet with a spectacular daylong course for the enthralling activity. There are basically three types of paragliding i.e. classic tandem, instructional tandem and acro tandem which one can do here. The difficulty level of the acting ranges from easy to moderate and attracts a number of flying enthusiasts to Kamshet.

The average cost of paragliding in Kamshet costs somewhere between INR 1800-3000 and will range according to different flying schools and courses. The experience lasts for about 10-30 minutes for a single flight duration. Avid paragliders can also join paragliding courses to take their solo flight. This course can be taken at a cost of approximately INR 20,000. These famous paragliding tours in Kamshet do not require you to carry any sports gear for enjoying this adventure sport. These gears are included in the flying costs where people can rent their own paragliders to make your dream of flying come true in Kamshet. The gears like flying suits, helmets and shoes are readily available at the fly schools in case you wish to buy them for your own practice. However, people are advised certain things for their safety. It is advised to wear comfortable clothes like tracksuits and sports shoes and put on some light jackets to beat the chill. Also, a pair of sunglasses will always come handy to shield the sky from the sun and a sunscreen when you are going high in the sky.

Kamshet paragliding Packages offers a memorable escape where you get to soar high in the sky. It is a visual delight in Kamshet with an outstanding landscape to great your eyes. The activity serves a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and offers a memorable treat for the soul. For those who complete their paragliding course, Kamshet offers a blissful landscape to be mesmerised by the thrill of flying in the sky. The most popular spots for paragliding in Kamshet are Shinde Wadi Hills, Kondeshwar Cliff, Tower Hill and Shelar. Moreover, the picturesque setting offered by the Western Ghats in Kamshet makes it an idyllic location for adrenaline-junkies and photography lovers. Whether you’re backpacking or travelling with your friends or family, paragliding in Kamshet makes for a rejuvenating retreat for everyone.


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Tandem Paragliding in Kamshet ₹ 2999 5.0 star View Details
Tandem paragliding at Kamshet 1D ₹ 4500 3.0 star View Details
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Traveller Tales from Kamshet


Ranjeet Bharadwaj

14 August 2015

We had an amazing time here with all our friends and this was an exciting experience for all of us.


Lavanya Trivedi

15 November 2015

It was my life long desire to experience this crazy paragliding and finally i had the fortune do this in kamshet, one of the most popular Paragliding destinations in India. This short Ariel adventure w

  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_057.jpg
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  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_065.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_068.jpg
  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_1_075.jpg

Prathyusha Nidamanuru

03 June 2019

"that was really a thrilling experience.. we, a group of 6 members experienced this activity for the first time to the fullest. "

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  • 1559548780_img_20190531_180619.jpg
  • 1559548780_img_20190531_174535.jpg

Durgeshwari Ganaka

10 May 2015

I was very scared to take this initially, but at first, we started training on flat ground. After this we met our course mates, instructors. The instructors taught us about equipments and we got famili...

  • 1463384778_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_17.jpg
  • 1463384778_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_26.jpg
  • 1463384779_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_39.jpg
  • 1463384779_paragliding_training_in_kamshet_by_temple_pilots_43.jpg

Arnesh Gandhi

05 July 2014

Such an amazing experience of flying in Kamshet! Must appreciate the way it was carried out by the organisers. The guides were great and made me fear-free before the flight. And once I was in the air, ...

  • Kamshet.jpg
  • Kamshet-paragliding-2.jpg
  • Paragliding_bir-660x495.jpg

Vishnu Dutta

12 October 2015

Must to do activity!!! I recommend paragliding to every adventure lover. It gives you a thrilling experience. The views from top is amazing, moreover it feels awesome when you start coming down on the

  • Acrobatics_paragliding_in_kamshet_50.jpg
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Sugam Singhal

14 June 2017

A great experience! Worth a try for all nature lovers. The team is very helpful and the pilots are friendly and helpful too. Highly recommend a stay at the Nature's cabin which Thrillophilia books!

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  • 1497437028_image_1


19 December 2017

Fantastic experience. Team gave top priority to safety and thoroughly professional. In fact, we thought that we will not be able to fly due to heavy winds. Fortunately, winds subsided and pilots were v...


Achyut Tandon

10 November 2015

For our first year anniversary, we embarked on an exciting experience of paragliding in Kamshet. We had a great time with an amazing package that my hubby got as a gift for me. There were set of certif...